Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oscar Hopefuls

Summer is turning to autumn, and that can mean only one thing (obviously it means more than one thing - ignore that first part, I don't know what I was talking about there). It means we are leaving behind the Summer Blockbuster season and beginning the Oscar Contender season.
A couple of new movies with Oscar buzz releasing soon:

The Departed - directed by Martin Scorcese, opens October 6th.
Flags of Our Fathers - directed by Clint Eastwood, opens October 20th.
Catch a Fire – directed by Phillip Noyce, opens Oct 27th. (This one stars Tim "please don’t make us listen to another whack-job acceptance speech" Robbins).

An interesting note on Flags of Our Fathers, per, apparently Spielburg snapped up the film rights to the book before Eastwood could. It ended up being a Spielburg/Dreamworks production with Eastwood directing and Paul Haggis writing the screenplay.

All this sets up the possibility of a Best Director showdown between Scorcese, Eastwood, and maybe even Robert Altman. Scorcese's near misses in this category are already the stuff of legends.

Potential Oscar nominees that are either out on video, or at least will be prior to the award ceremony:

  • United 93
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Other potentials to be on the look-out for…

    Dreamgirls – Bill Condon
    The History Boys – Nicholas Hytner
    The Queen – Stephen Frears
    Babel - Alejandro Gonzalez IƱarritu (Amores Perros)
    Breaking and Entering – Anthony Minghella
    Children of Men – Alfonso Cuaron
    For Your Consideration
    The Good German – Steven Soderberg
    The Good Shepherd - Eric Roth (Forrest Gump)
    A Good Year - Ridley Scott
    Goya's Ghosts - Milos Forman
    Last King of Scotland – Kevin MacDonald
    Miss Potter
    Notes on a Scandal

    I'll update the rest later...