Friday, October 31, 2008

Check, Check, and Check

Quick update on the Sundance front:
  • We registered for the opportunity to buy tickets on Sept. 23rd.
  • We were assigned two time-slots for the 2nd day of ticket buying (Oct 29th) and one time slot for the 4th day (you can only purchase one ticket package per registration/time slot).
  • On the 29th we successfully purchased 2 Ticket Package A, umm, packages. Twenty tickets per package, so that's 40 tickets for movies spanning the 1st five days of the festival (Jan. 16th - 20th). By the time our 3rd time slot rolled around Ticket Package A as well as the Discovery Packages (10 tickets) were all sold out, fortunately 40 tickets should be more than enough.
  • Now we have to wait until December to actually choose what movies we're going to use our tickets for.

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